Mrs. Claus has a Pinterest Revelation

Mrs. Claus has a Pinterest Revelation: The New Decorator Magazine

In the past, I haven’t been a big Pinterester.  For years my daughter, Danika, has been telling me how much I would love it.

I figured I would like it but thought it was just more time I would be sitting down at the computer or on my phone. I pinned a few things and even set it up on my website  so viewers could Pin my photos if they wanted to.

Every once in a while I click on an email I receive from Pinterest saying that they have some Pins I would like…And sure enough, I do like them!

Mrs Claus revelation

This morning I decided to check out Pinterest when I realized…Pinterest takes the place of the decorating magazines I usually either buy or subscribe to! I only buy the magazines for the pictures and these magazines are up to $5.00 each now.

I know I’m behind the curve on this one (and there is probably something new and better out there) but now I will look on this whole Pinterest thing differently.

I am probably going to go Pinterest crazy.


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