Mrs. Claus – The Focus Was Wedding Decor

Surprise!!! Burlap and Lace Wedding Decorations – 

That is what Mrs. Claus has been doing for the last 7 months. Yes, our little Claus got married and there was a lot of crafting that had to be done!!!  Invitations, website, table runners, table signs, garlands, guest books, card holders, party favors, you name it and we made it!

When my daughter told me I was going to really like her wedding theme, she was right.  She (and her fiancé)  chose the Burlap and Lace look with the addition of different shades of pink. Decorated mason jar vases with flowers for the centerpieces, photos hanging from clothesline, tree round slices, etc… you get the picture. It was a great choice especially for the backyard BBQ type wedding they had.

Needless to say all of my time that is usually spent on crafts for myself and presents for family and friends was totally consumed with the wedding décor.

Of course my daughter and I went overboard!  Santa says this is just how we do things!

It started with the invitations…

We were always going to make the invitations. We brainstormed for 6 hours on a Saturday and the invites just got more and more elaborate…hee…hee…hee. No longer were we going to use cardstock. Oh no, that would be way to easy and simple. Stiffened burlap, yes, that is what we would use. Just the wedding info would not be enough we needed more, more, more!!! OK here is the finished product





The Venue

The wedding ceremony and BBQ reception took place at the beautiful property of our friends. It was perfect for the down home wedding that the bride and groom wanted. Here are some photos of the property before we set up.








The actual ceremony took place inside the Labyrinth.


The Website


The Decor

Lace,burlap and pink ribbons, everywhere….I was dreaming burlap and lace!

mason jars2



decor-1 decor-2 beverage tags guestbook pens

Homemade peanut brittle for wedding favors.


It feels a little strange that I no longer have any burlap and lace projects in the works! The wedding turned out great. We created the look and feel that my daughter and her hubby wanted and that is what really matters. 

Our little Claus


The Happy Couple


I will post up photos of the actual event all decorated up and the ceremony when I get them.

Now what!?!  Dare you ask!

It’s time to get into the Christmas mode. I have a couple of repairs to make on my Mrs. Claus skirt (dancing with the kids in the sand at the Mattel party last year was a little rough on it). Santa Ed is already in SoCal doing Santa auditions so officially our Christmas season is starting! 



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