Christmas is in the Pink!

Pink Santa Claus

A few years ago I really fell in love with Pink Christmas Decorations!

Ornament Wreath

So I decided to start collecting the Pink Pretties.  Not going crazy…just a few items here and there when I saw something I liked.

I knew I was not going to totally convert to a Pink Christmas. Each one of my family members has their favorite traditional red and green Christmas decorations and would not be very happy if it wasn’t out on display. I too, would have to choose the red and green traditional Christmas decorations that have been collected and received as gifts over 41 years but it is nice to add a few new touches here and there.

Pink Christmas Garland

Add a vignette of your pink Christmas decorations.

Use the top of a mantle, buffet,  window seat, corner table, etc. and group all your pink pretties together.

pink Christmas decorations

And you do not have to only use pink add touches of red, white, cream, light blue, light turquoise, sliver, gold, glass, crystal to add interest.

You probably have quite a few decorations that would coordinate with the pink. In the photo below I just gathered a few decorations together that would work in a pink vignette.

Pink Christmas Decorations

If you have been holding back…go for it.

Enjoy the romantic and lighthearted feeling you will get when you look at your Pink Christmas Decorations!!!

pink decorated tree


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