The Holiday Hutch

WHAT!?! Not enough room to put out all of your holiday pretties?

Do you love to shop at holiday craft shows or stores filled full of little holiday lovelies that you just must have?

Do family and friends give you holiday decorations for gifts?

OR… are you downsizing and just don’t have the space to decorate with all of your holiday pretties? Is it just getting to be too much work to decorate your entire home?






WELL…..Do I have an answer for you. I call it my Holiday Hutch. The one I use is a distress green, with cream interior) cupboard. It measures 35 1/2″ W x 84″ D x 14″ D. It has 3 shelves and because I have tall ceilings I can use the top of the hutch for tall items.



The top has doors (that I keep open) and the 2 bottom shelves have doors that I keep closed. I have chosen to keep them closed and use the bottom for the storage of my everyday pretties that I put out during non-holiday times.

Your display space does not have to be a green distressed cupboard. It can just be a bookshelf that you designate for this purpose or a hutch type piece of furniture that matches or coordinates with your décor. I do recommend that it is located in a very visible location to get maximum enjoyability (don’t try to look that word up..LOL).

Get started by placing a few “anchor items.” These anchor items serve to add a little variety. I use a couple of books and 3 glass jars (filled with old marbles).  If you are light on the holiday decorations add in a few more anchor items. Also, be sure to vary the heights your pretties to add interest.




Amazing Advantages of the Holiday Hutch

The more items you put in the Holiday Hutch the better it looks. You will not believe how many items you can put on each of the shelves. Quite frankly it’s “AMAZING”, I love it and I’m sure you will too!!!

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