When does Mrs. Claus take down her Christmas Decorations?

When does Mrs. Claus take down her Christmas Decorations?

I get asked this question a lot! Santa and I are busy with out of town appearances starting before Thanksgiving up to Christmas Day. We have even been gone for 6 weeks straight! So, the day after Christmas is when we really get to relax and start to enjoy all of our holiday decorations. If it were up to Santa we would leave them up all year. I just can’t bring myself to have Christmas Decorations up all year round (plus I really enjoy decorating for other holidays).


I know a lot of people take down their decorations the day after Christmas…that’s not what we do! I understand that sometimes a dried up Christmas Tree dictates the take down schedule and that cannot be helped. Once you take down the tree you might as well take down everything else, too.

Two years ago we went to a faux tree (OK, FAKE!) We really did not want to stop getting a real tree but because of being out of town so much and having to put up our decorations so early it became a necessity. A real tree just doesn’t work for us anymore.

Now, back to the original question… I don’t even think about taking down the Christmas Decorations until the Epiphany (January 6th.) After that day I start to think that maybe it’s time to take them down. It usually takes 7-10 days to take everything down mainly because I don’t work on it every minute of the day. I figure if I get them down in time for Valentine’s Day decorations to go up I’m doing fine!!!

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  • I agree with you for the most part Mrs. C.  I start taking mine down on New Years Day (or maybe the day after). I always leave up the manger scene until after the Epiphany.  And, it does take a good week or so to get everything down.  Okay, I might still have a few items I haven't removed.

  • Denise, I still haven't taken down my decorations! We are still really enjoying them. Outside we have a little snow on the ground and every morning & evening we turn on the tree lights. I was thinking…if I still had little ones at home I probably would take the decorations down earlier because it is a little anti-climatic after Santa drops off his presents. But…since a couple of old geezers live here we are in no hurry to take the decorations down.